Who is mary j blige dating

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Blige and Isaacs signed a prenuptial agreement two days before their December 2003 wedding day that includes a waiver of spousal support.

Blige gave Isaacs ,000 in August and ,000 in September for spousal support, in addition to ,000 for his legal counsel.

What do you think about her dating a MUCH SHORTER MAN? He is known for portraying Eazy-E in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton.

He’s 30, which makes him 16 years younger than the singer.

She also fired her husband as her personal manager throughout their marriage and left him with 'no source of income', Isaacs argued in papers filed to the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday.

The filing states that Isaacs made ,204 a month when he was employed by his wife, and earned a total of 4,465 last year as her manager.

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He has also asked for help in paying the $21,677 he gives in charitable donations and the $10,000 he spends on entertainment, gifts and vacations.

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