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Who is clark gable dating

He rarely ventured alone outside the electrically locked gate that sealed the 22-acre Encino, Calif.estate purchased by Clark and the other great love of his life, third wife Carole Lombard.I think I take after him in that.” Living a sequestered life at his Malibu home, John rarely tells anyone his address, phone number or lineage.Only a handful of his racing friends know who his father was.After a 1981 motorbike accident that tore his knee ligaments, an injury that still makes his leg go numb at times, John switched to trucks. “I knew she would be much happier seeing me race with some metal around me.” His other hobby, working in his own pottery studio in Malibu, will consume less time as he pours his energy into new truck equipment.Though John has dodged fame his entire life, he’ll now gather attention on the race course.But this time the 42-year-old mother-to-be knew it would be different. “This is the dividend that has come to me late in life,” he said.

“My mother told me he raced sprint cars, which made the studios very nervous.” Until recently, the public has known little about John Gable.

Though his birth made international news, including the cover of LIFE, John’s strikingly beautiful mother—who died from heart failure at 65, six months ago—always protected her son from publicity.

As heir to the combined millions of his parents, John was the near-victim of a kidnapping in his first year, so his mother tightened security.

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard both described each other of being respective and possessing a cordial nature, but their amiable greetings that were exchanged on the set was as far as it went.

Carole Lombard certainly wasn’t interested in Clark Gable.

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(Kay didn’t use Clark as a first name because “Pa thought that name was a handicap for a child to bear.”) When she first saw her child, Mrs. Last December, in his first official competition, the Score Barstow (California) Classic, John and co-driver Bill Holmes, 20, zoomed 260 miles around the Mojave Desert plains and canyons in Gable’s $40,000, custom-made 1980 Ford pickup.

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