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The pastoral Fulani (full-time cattle keepers) move about with their cattle for much of the year.In contrast, the settled Fulani live permanently in villages and cities.Although they have similarities in grammar and vocabulary, communication among Fulani from different regions is difficult. An example of a saying in Fulfulde is Tid'd'o yod'ad'd'o (Work hard and succeed).An example of a Fulani proverb is: Hab'b'ere buri ginawol (Actions should be judged according to intention).The language of the Fulani is known as Fulfulde (or Fula or Pulaar).

These traditions state that cattle, as well as the first Fulani family, emerged from a river.

Around the age of seven, boys are circumcised, followed by a small ceremony or gathering in their household.

Shortly after this time, they begin performing herding or farming activities, sometimes on their own. Girls are usually betrothed in marriage during their early to mid-teens.

On these days, people pray in thanksgiving to Allah, visit their relatives, prepare special meals, and exchange gifts such as gowns or cloth.

Shortly after a child is born, a naming ceremony is held, following Islamic law and practice.

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