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I didn’t have time or inclination to go to a class at a yoga studio.

“I started doing yoga on a regular basis a little over a year ago.I started working with Higher Ground because of convenience, but I have found that it is also just an all-around better experience.No yoga class instructor can provide the kind of personalized attention that Kelly provides in a private setting.As a result, I stopped going to the gym, stopped exercising outside, and felt that I was relegated to an exercise regime revolving around the treadmill in my basement — not my idea of fun.Kelly has had such a meaningful personal impact, that I’ve even signed up for Higher Ground’s custom yoga retreat offering — asking Kelly to offer classes on a vacation I’m taking with my girlfriends to the Mayan Riviera — so that she can share her sense of serenity, personalized classes and signature ‘moves a woman can use’ with my friends.

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The individualized attention allows me to understand the look and feel of the poses and to practice on my own.