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Originally from the planet Palaven, turians are best known for their military role, particularly their contributions of soldiers and starships to the Citadel Fleet.They are respected for their public service ethic—it was the turians who first proposed creating C-Sec—but are sometimes seen as imperialist or rigid by other races.To deal with this, most forms of life on Palaven evolved some form of metallic "exoskeleton" to protect themselves.Their reflective plate-like skin makes turians less susceptible to long-term, low-level radiation exposure, but they do not possess any sort of "natural armor".The turians had already discovered several mass relays and spawned colonies throughout the galaxy when the asari reached the Citadel.At about the time the asari were forming the Council with the salarians, the turians were embroiled in a bitter civil war next door.Turian civilization spans fifteen thousand years of history.Before the dawn of their civilization, the race was known to elder spacefaring species like the Protheans, who viewed them as primitive as the other ruling races of the modern era.

Turians are also recognisable by their voices, which have a distinctive flanging effect.Turians exhibit the characteristics of predators rather than those of prey species (compare to krogan biology).Their forward-facing alert eyes give the impression that they possess outstanding eyesight and their teeth and jaws mimic the structures possessed by apex predators such as crocodiles or ancient, carnivorous dinosaurs.When war finally broke out, the Hierarchy maintained strict diplomacy and refused to get involved.After several years of fighting, less than a dozen factions remained and the Hierarchy finally intervened.

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The Unification War, as it was later named, began with hostilities between the colonies furthest from the turian homeworld, Palaven.

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