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Dating after 40 blog

Our faces are blighted with wrinkles and age spots.

There's no other way to say it: Dating sucks when you’re in your 40s, 50s and, God forbid, in your 60s.

There are two 40-plus single dames who I chat with regularly, albeit briefly.

They both know that I give attraction and dating advice to the post-divorce crowd.

Don't even think about wearing short-shorts in the summer. The men I wanted to date never asked me out, or if I went out with a great guy, I never heard from him again. High expectations (code for: unreasonable and unattainable)Woman are infamous for "The List," a column of checkmark boxes that characterize the traits and attributes that must characterize the man they will date or marry.

I realized there are two top reasons mature women are unable attract and hold the sincere interest of quality men. A closed-minded woman automatically rejects a man on superficial information.

The listen patiently but I don’t expect it to sink in very much. She’ll be most disappointed in the whole dating scene until she meets her version of Prince Charming.

I do talk about some Red Pill subjects with these two women while we smoke.

Because they know I have a blog and I run into them regularly, I am going to be extremely diplomatic with my words.

Both women are over 40 and to a 50-something guy, they are not unattractive.

One has a teen-aged son, the other is never-married (I think) and without kids. Non-Mom is actively looking for a male romantic interest in her life.

Mom would probably date a guy if he fell in her lap.

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