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Christian slater dating now

That was how it started: I became a Rejection Junkie.The objects of my addiction took on many forms: the Misunderstood Artist, the Shy Musician, the Brooding Soccer Player, the Beatnik Fellow Band Geek.Every time I would meet some gorgeous guy who had that playful "I am totally going to mess with this girl" twinkle in their eye, I'm sure the pain was evident on my face as I convinced myself to stay the course.I declined invitations; I ached for someone to touch me, for the drama of a bad relationship.That is, until the night he pulled me aside and told me that he had cheated on me. The one guy I trusted to break the streak had betrayed me.I dumped him and proceeded to date five more guys throughout college—all of whom cheated on me.

We spent the entire night talking and kissing on the stairs of the fraternity house.

How do you take the damage done from too many bad relationships to enable a fresh start?

I came into dating like a lot of young women with a challenged self-esteem from developing too early.

I took myself out on dates instead of someone else taking me out, and I learned that I really value my own company.

Without anyone else to get high on, I decided to make myself a bit of an addiction, and I learned that I was pretty freaking awesome.

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I figured you weren't really into guys like me, so I never asked you."I wish I could say I went out with him. He took me on my first date and we dated for about a week, which seemed like a lifetime to me.

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