Adult chat software for free download

Posted by / 23-Sep-2017 12:34

Adult chat software for free download

You can easily change the frequency of taking screenshots from your computer.

You can even configure it to take a screenshot on every mouse click and "Enter" key so you won't miss any event.

You can configure the keylogger Software to start recording only when the sound level is above a defined threshold, so that disk space and time will be conserved by not wasting recording/listening time when nobody is actually talking. You can also configure it not to be listed in Windows Task Bar, System Tray, MSConfig (Startup entry), Uninstall list (Add/Remove programs) And start menu.

Our Keylogger Software has a password protection to prevent others from changing your configurations or viewing the log files.

Who are the employees that spend corporate bandwidth and time on surfing, chatting and playing online games instead of work they are paid for? All In One Keylogger allows you to view all keystrokes typed, chat conversations, e-mails messages, printed documents names, name of files that were created, deleted or renamed and watch visited websites (even after browser history has been deleted).

You can set it to stop taking screenshot when the computer is idle and resume the visual surveillance after detecting mouse/keyboard activity.

Not like other computer monitoring software, All In One Keylogger can be used as an audio surveillance tool.

You can also set special Hotkey for calling the Keylogger password box.

Thinking about going away from home for a couple of weeks and afraid of losing control over your computer?

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After configuring and starting the program, you can call All In One Keylogger simply by typing your password in any application you want.